Eighteen Complete Midwest Campus Compact Citizen-Scholar Fellows Program

Eighteen St. Thomas students have completed the  Midwest Campus Compact Citizen-Scholar Fellows Program.

The program is a 10-state initiative dedicated to implementing institutional change. The M3C Fellows Program is committed to integrating education with civic engagement among campuses across the Midwest. Students who completed the program received an education award to use toward tuition in return for community service. The program enabled students to serve as agents of civic engagement to respond effectively to local community issues.

Students at St. Thomas worked as reading mentors at Community of Peace Academy, Rondo Library, Project for Pride and Learning, as well as completed various other community engagement projects in the local community. 

The M3C Fellows are:

  • Hannah Anderson
  • Gabrielle Basara
  • Jennah Bordson
  • Michelle Burns
  • Ashley Greig
  • Maivncais Her
  • Katelyn Johnson
  • Thomas Lutes
  • Mirella Maxwell
  • Nina McDowall
  • Dielle Meisner
  • Erica Neumann Fox
  • Stephanie Olmedo
  • Grant Powell
  • Sadaf Rahmanni
  • Patrick Trembley
  • Ryan Weber
  • Emily Yang