Clue No. 2 for the Heritage Week treasure hunt

Clue No. 2 for the Heritage Week treasure hunt

For a copy of the rules, click here:

As noted in the story, the treasure is hidden outdoors. Also, don’t forget that you don’t need to tip, dismantle, mangle, uproot or otherwise wreck anything to find the treasure. Please be kind to the campus during your hunt.


Clue No. 2

Tommies pictured long ago, hope no one is a cheater.

One guy looks a little sneaky, sucking on that heater.

What are they playing? Could it be gin rummy?

Staying warm indoors, so their noses won’t get runny.

For Monday’s clue, one that’s not so lame,

Don’t think of acey-deucey, try another game.


Clue No. 1

His name was Johnny Ireland, the person in the middle.

Our founder was a busy guy, and didn’t like to fiddle.

The photo, we’ll tell you, is a pretty nifty clue.

Take a little breather, for hinty number two.

Just to be mean, see that building to the right,

We tore the old thing down, now it’s out-a-sight.