Clue No. 4 for the Heritage Week treasure hunt

Clue No. 4 for the Heritage Week treasure hunt

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As noted in the story, the treasure is hidden outdoors. Also, don’t forget that you don’t need to tip, dismantle, mangle or otherwise wreck anything to find the treasure. Please be kind to the campus during your hunt.

For your treasure-hunting convenience, we’ve also listed the earlier clues below.

Clue 4

We’ve hinted at two, this is the third.
Hey look at those trees, home for a bird.

So where is this place, it’s kinda nifty?
This is our quad, back in eight and yes fifty.

Under construction, a place to go study,
So you’d get a degree and not be an ol’ duddy.

And an old army building, off to one side,
It’s no longer showing, on a St. Thomas guide.

So now it’s Wednesday, the clues seem so few,
But names are important, and numbers are too.

Clue 3

Remember that game, called pick 'em up sticks?
Well here’s a neat scene, from nineteen forty-six .

These aren’t sticks, but lumber and boards,
A nice place to sit, for our UST hoards.

Is a stack of lumber a helpful clue?
Well well now, that’s up to you.

Decades of rosary, fingers on hand,
Toes on a foot, clues that are grand.

Count the structures that carry his name,
Add 'em up add 'em up, all are the same.

Clue 2

The name of this place, offers some clue,
But here it’s just started, it’s newer than new.

Later they’d come, to sweat and to swim,
All sorts of sports, and try hard to win.

What are those things, tall steel flowers?
Back in '39, they weren’t cell-phone towers.

Something in common, could be a name,
Too early to tell you, that would be lame.

Could be this one, or maybe another,
Don’t cry to us, we aren’t your mother.

Clue 1

The first two years, with eagle eyes,
The students quickly found the prize.

Not this year. If we placed such a bet,
A challenge to find, where the thing is set.

So who’s this guy in the photo above?
Lucky for St. Thomas, he shared his love.

Dumped by Collegeville, for drinking beer,
He stopped at St. Thomas, “Can I come here?”

Learn more about him, here on this Monday.
His name is a clue, that points you the way.