Congratulations to 2006 Young Scholars and Garhart awardees

Congratulations to 2006 Young Scholars and Garhart awardees

The Undergraduate Research and Collaborative Scholarship program has designated 33 Young Scholars for summer 2006, including one Garhart Award winner. Awards include a summer stipend of $4,000 and campus housing for the student, and $500 for the faculty adviser. Scholars will work on an array of research projects with faculty collaborators in departments across campus. The awardees, their advisers and their projects are listed below.

The Garhart Award honors the memory of the late Dr. Robert Garhart of the Department of Economics. It is awarded annually to a Young Scholar working in economics.

The awardees are:

  • Brynn Bauer, “Imprisoned Women and the Woman Question: Emily Brontë, Elizabeth Fry and Charlotte Brontë” – adviser is Alexis Easley, English
  • Laura Baumgartner, “Incorporation of AOX in ELISA” – adviser is Katharine Olson, Chemistry
  • Michael Blissenbach, “Analysis of Seasonal Protein Changes Associated With Photosynthetic Recovery in Winter Stressed Conifers"– adviser is Amy Verhoeven, Biology
  • Nathaniel Brandt, “Transient Absorption Studies of Photoinduced Electron Transfer Mechanisms” – adviser is Joseph Brom, Chemistry
  • Maria Bye, “Role of Methyl-Accepting Chemotaxis Proteins in the Response of Pseudomonas Putida F1 to Toluene” – adviser is Jayna Ditty, Biology
  • Ben Dauwalter, “Research Involved With the Engineering of a Low-Priced, Low-Power Cooling System” – adviser is Camille George, Engineering
  • Joseph Dubis, “Role of Circadian Clock Genes in Adjustment of Cyanobacteria to Varied Photoperiods” – adviser is Jayna Ditty, Biology
  • Eric Duclos, “Effects of Self-Efficiency and Knowledge in Sustainable Behaviors” – adviser is Elise Amel, Psychology
  • Laura Eaton, “Geochemical Correlation of Volcanic Ash in the Lake Mead Area Near Las Vegas, Nev.” – adviser is Melissa Lamb, Geology
  • Sam Friederichs, “The Role of Larval Fish in Maintaining High Algal Abundance in Minnesota Wetlands” – adviser is Kyle Zimmer, Biology
  • Amy Gleason, “How Music Can Enhance the Experience of Sacred Space: a Case Study of the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel” – adviser is Shersten Johnson, Music
  • John Kingsbury, “Competitiveness or Selfishness: What Values Does an Individualistic Culture Instill in Children?” – adviser is John Tauer, Psychology
  • Andrew Korte, “Photodegradation of Norfloxacin Under Environmentally Relevant Conditions” – adviser is Kristin Wammer, Chemistry
  • Christal LaFavre, Garhart Award winner, “The Size of Precautionary Saving Under Risk Heterogeneity: New Evidence From a Cross Section of Time Series” – adviser is Bradley Wilson, Economics
  • Rachel Lundeen, “Photochemical Behavior of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics in the Aqueous Environment” – adviser is Kristin Wammer, Chemistry
  • Lake Mathison , “GLBT Perceptions of Middle and High School Counselors” – adviser is Lisa Waldner, Sociology
  • David Maurer, “V for Vendetta and the Rhetoric of Terrorism in a Post-9/11 World” – adviser is Bernard Armada, Communication Studies
  • Jason McClintic, “Intra- and Intergenerational College Attendance Patterns” – advisers are Arkady Shemyakin and Brenda Tiefenbruck, Mathematics
  • Alexander Micek: "Synthesis of an Antibacterial Oxazolidinone Containing a Thiadiazole” – adviser is Thomas Ippoliti, Chemistry
  • Paul Monson, “Immigrant Identity in the Catholic Parishes of St. Paul: Integrating the Past With the Present” – adviser is Michael Keating, Catholic Studies
  • Annie Moosbrugger, “A Comparative Study of the Dignity and Role of Women in Islam and Christianity” – adviser is Gregory Coulter, Philosophy
  • Angela Osmolak, “Seasonal Changes in Relative Abundance of Photosynthetic Proteins in Sun and Shade Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) and Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)” – adviser is Amy Verhoeven, Biology
  • Vassilena Ouzounova, “Japanese Foreign Policy at a Crossroads” – adviser is Robert Werner, Geography
  • Amanda Plourde, “Rap’s Role in the PI3K Signaling Pathway” – adviser is Jennifer Cruise, Biology
  • Katherine Robertson, “Trapped Photochrome Project” – adviser is Thomas Ippoliti, Chemistry
  • Brandon Rowekamp, “Modeling the Fractal Nature of the Stock Market” – adviser is Chehrzad Shakiban, Mathematics
  • Alicia Sandberg, “Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Design in Research of Single Adoptive Mothers” – adviser is Jean Giebenhain, Psychology
  • Elizabeth Scherer, “Muscle Activation in Canoe Paddlers Using Bent and Straight Shaft Canoe Paddles” – adviser is Bridget Duoos, Health and Human Performance
  • Luke Schroeder, “Effects of Fish Communities on Amphibian and Reptile Abundance in Shallow Lakes ” – adviser is Kyle Zimmer, Biology
  • John Schwerkoske, “Synthesis of a Novel Polyacetylene for Use as a Stable Leukocyte Esterase Detector and Thermochromic Polymer” – adviser is Thomas Ippoliti, Chemistry
  • Eric Skarman, “Geological Mapping of the Bitter Spring Quadrangle, southern Nevada ” – adviser is Tom Hickson, Geology
  • Joshua Speros, “Synthesis of Chemiluminescent Antigen-Containing Polymers” – adviser is Thomas Ippoliti, Chemistry
  • Tyler Winkelman, “Polylactic Acid – PolySerine Biodegradable Copolymers for Drug Delivery” – adviser is Thomas Ippoliti, Chemistry

For more information on Undergraduate Research and Collaborative Scholarship, see the URCS Web site.