Credit Union's June Statement Contains Error

Members of the St. Thomas Employee Federal Credit Union should have received their June 30, 2010, statement of accounts. There is an error on the statements; all statements are showing an area surrounded by odd letters and the words Total Overdraft Fees and Total Returned Item Fees, with entries of $0.003 for each.

Ignore this entire section, advises Adrienne Sturm, Credit Union manager. "Our software provider and our printer are trying to correct this error, and hopefully you will not see this again on your Sept. 30, 2010, statement. It has nothing to do with your accounts," she said.

"The second quarter statement, every even year, is our audit statement. These statements are sent out by the Supervisory Committee as part of our internal audit, and is a part of the checks and balances of the credit union," Sturm continued. "The return address and phone number listed on the statement are for Joe Kreitzer, who is a member of the Supervisory Committee. If you notice any financial or personal information errors, please contact Joe at (651) 962-6032 with your concerns. It is not necessary to contact him about the fees error, nor does he deal with the day-to-day operation of the credit union.

"We do apologize for any inconvenience."