Students Launch Smartphone app

BreAnna Fisher, an entrepreneurship major at St. Thomas, has created a smartphone application called DoDrinks. The app allows users to send and receive coffee, drinks and treats digitally from their mobile devices. DoDrinks has made headlines with several news sources, including Tommie Media, KSTP, KARE 11 and ESPN.

The DoDrinks team will launch the smartphone application on Saturday, May 19. Students who download the free app will be able to exchange beverages and snacks.

To access the application visit

How works

To send a drink or treat:

  • Choose a friend.
  • Choose a category: coffee, drinks or treats.
  • Suggest a location.
  • Choose the amount to send that friend ($5, $10, $25) via a credit or debit card.
  • Attach a personalized message.

To redeem the item:

  • Hit “redeem.”
  • Show the server at the selected bar or restaurant the unique code that the sender’s DoDrinks request has generated on your mobile device.
  • Enjoy!