Dr. Artika Tyner Named 2022 Bush Fellow; Publishes New Book

Dr. Artika Tyner, the director of the Center on Race, Leadership and Social Justice and a clinical professor at the School of Law, was recently selected as a 2022 Bush Fellow. In addition, her book Reimagining Police: The History and Future of Law Enforcement will be published by Lerner Publishing Group and Thomson Reuters.

Out of the 470 people who applied for the Bush Foundation fellowship, she is one of 24 eligible to receive up to $100,000 to fund local educational pursuits. According to the Bush Foundation, over the next 24 months, Tyner plans to "employ a cross-sector, intergenerational approach to address the literacy crisis at a statewide level."

The Bush Fellowship is a grant program awarded to leaders who wish to make change through projects in their community.

Regarding Tyner’s book, it will be the first of five nonfiction books written by authors of color published by the Lerner and Thomson partnership. 

About the book: Reimagining Police is an analysis of the history of law enforcement, criminal justice, and mass incarceration. Readers will learn about topics such as institutional racism, and what it might look like to reimagine the current structure of the police. It explores the role of police, community values regarding public safety, and strategies for building a more just and inclusive society.