Luann Dummer Center for Women Announces Advisory Board Openings

The Luann Dummer Center for Women will have one faculty and one staff opening on its advisory board starting this summer.

The advisory board, composed of roughly equal numbers of faculty, staff and students, meets three times during the academic year (more if necessary) to assist the director in the development of policy for the center and in other ways that the director may request. The advisory board also serves as the search committee for subsequent directors of the center. There is no set term for regular members of the advisory board, although students serve only until their status changes.

All full-time faculty and staff interested in serving on the advisory board are invited to send a brief statement of interest to Dr. Corrine Carvalho; include information on academic or professional experience with issues related to women. The faculty position will replace the one currently held by Dr. Brenda Powell, English Department.

Expressions of interest should be received no later than Friday, April 27.

For additional information about the center or its advisory board, call Carvalho, (651) 962-6118, or a current board member:

  • Dr. Angela High- Pippert, Women’s Studies
  • Dr. Vanessa Cornett-Murtada, Music
  • Dr. Marie Lopez del Puerto, Physics
  • Dr. Brenda Powell, English
  • Elizabeth Dussol, Academic Counseling
  • Victoria Svoboda, Dean of Students Office
  • Patricia Satzer, Law Library
  • Eliel Gebru, graduate student
  • Melissa Seymour, undergraduate student