Diego Luke and Laurie Stern.
Diego Luke and Laurie Stern. (Morgan Feigal-Stickles)

Education Graduate Student Diego Luke Finds Identity Through Podcast

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School of Education graduate student Diego Luke was featured in the Star Tribune highlighting his recent podcast with his mom, Laurie Stern. Luke, born as Aa Tiko' Rujux-Xicay, was adopted from Guatemala by white parents. The podcast, "All Relative: Defining Diego," launched in October, centers around him exploring his identity and growing up as an adoptee.

From the article: Yet Aa Tiko' (pronounced "ah tee-KOH") wrestled with his identity. And more than two decades after she brought her son home, Laurie still wrestles with the question: Should you adopt a baby from another country just because you can?

Issues of belonging, privilege, race and class led mom and son to create a podcast that launched this month. In "All Relative: Defining Diego," they examine their own journey and ask uncomfortable questions about the international adoption boom.

Diego Luke with his adoptive mother, Laurie Stern. (Morgan Feigal-Stickles)
Diego Luke with his birth family, adoptive parents, niece and nephew.