Gift card for $100 goes to e-CHUG contest winner

Katy Swimelar

Katy Swimelar

The Wellness Center recently held a prize drawing for students who participated in e-CHUG during September  …  and the winner is Katy Swimelar.

Swimelar won a $100 gift card to Target. To enter the drawing students had to take e-CHUG online, and at the end of the course print out a certificate of completion and take it to the Wellness Center.

e-CHUG is an interactive Web survey that allows students to enter information about their drinking patterns and receive feedback about their alcohol use.

Interested in trying it? Take the five-minute, anonymous survey and learn more about your behavior in order to make healthier choices. Students who choose not to drink also can benefit from the information found in e-CHUG.

To learn about calorie intake and alcohol, how your behavior compares to others, what percentage of your income you spend on alcohol, family risk and more, visit the Wellness Center Web site  (and scroll down) to give e-CHUG a try.