Glenn Caruso: National Coach of the Year?

Editor's note: Ryan Starks, a loyal member of Caruso's Crew, contributed this guest column to The Scroll.

As a senior at St. Thomas, I have seen a tremendous turnaround in school spirit since the arrival of football Coach Glenn Caruso on campus two years ago. I’ve seen him on the field and off, and his enthusiasm is contagious, to say the least.

Currently, a vote is taking place for National Coach of the Year. As you can see in my statement below, Coach Caruso certainly has the credentials for winning this award, but it won’t happen if he isn’t voted in as a finalist. This is where we as a student body come in. I’m asking you to join me in rallying behind him and show our true “Pride and Passion for the Purple and Gray.”

Here is the statement that I sent to the National Coach of the Year competition, expressing why I believe Coach Caruso is deserving of this recognition.

“Eighteen months ago, Coach Glenn Caruso set foot on campus, taking over at the helm, inheriting a team that had just come off a 2-8 record in the year previous. It has been by his passion for the game and the confidence he instills in his players that have brought about such a drastic turnaround, fueling the Tommies to an 11-1 record this season, and still fighting strong into December. His success off the field has been just as impressive, as he has stirred the student body, and brought the school spirit back to St. Thomas. For this, Coach Glenn Caruso ought to be recognized as the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year.”

To vote, students should go and click “Vote Now.” In the next window, enter Glenn Caruso under the coach heading. Official rules state that participants may vote once a day until voting ends on Sunday night, Dec. 6.

Go Tommies!

Football Coach Glenn Caruso joins members of "Caruso's Crew" at the St.
Thomas-Monmouth playoff game on Nov. 21.