GMAT Jitters – We Can Help!

I am regularly asked, “Is the GMAT required to get into the UST MBA Program?”

To which I respond, “Yes, and let me tell you why that’s a good thing for you.”

Every MBA needs to know how to do two things very well:  1) communicate clearly and concisely and 2) think analytically. The GMAT measures those two capabilities and ensures a high level of academic proficiency for our students. I tell my candidates that if we did not require the GMAT here at St. Thomas, that would be detrimental to their educational experience.

Part of being a graduate student is that you are taught by your peers as much as by your professors and texts. This is an exciting way to learn, but it requires that we ensure you are sitting next to the highest quality students in your classes. That’s why you want us to require the GMAT. So, you’re welcome!

Now, if you’re nervous or would like an extra boost in your GMAT preparation, feel free to come to the UST MBA Forum featuring The Princeton Review on February 24, 2010. Here you can take a free GMAT preparation class taught by an instructor from The Princeton Review, and you can put your name in a drawing for a whole series of GMAT preparation classes ($1249 value)! You will also get general GMAT preparation techniques and learn about the many graduate business programs at St. Thomas. We’ll see you there!