Human Resources lists steps in Performance Assessment process

Human Resources lists steps in Performance Assessment process

The 2006 Performance Assessment and Management process has concluded. Most staff members received a performance assessment and are waiting to receive information, if they have not already, about their pay increases.

During the last few weeks, a few employees have contacted the Human Resources Department (HR), inquiring about the next steps in the Performance Assessment and Management process.

Here is a brief overview of the process, including any steps yet to be completed:

  • June 30, 2006 – HR had received performance assessments for most all staff members.   
  • July 14 – HR provided Academic and Administrative Leadership (AAL) members a salary increase spreadsheet for their respective units, which included information they needed to make salary-increase decisions and record and recommend staff pay increases to the appropriate executive vice president.
  • July 28 – AAL members forwarded their salary-increase recommendations to the appropriate executive vice president (academic or administrative) for review.
  • On or before Aug. 15 – The two executive vice presidents will approve, and forward to HR, pay increase information on all eligible staff within their units. After receiving the information, HR will inform the AAL member that their proposed pay increase recommendations are approved, and that they are free to communicate this to staff.

AAL members will provide their staff with written confirmation of the pay increase. Pay increases for salaried staff will be included in their Sept. 1 paycheck. Since the payroll cycle for hourly employees is different, their increase will be included on their Sept. 15 paycheck.

If you have questions about the Performance Assessment and Management Policy and process, please feel free to contact your supervisor or your Human Resources partner (the names of the HR partners and their partnering areas are provided on the Human Resources HR partners Web page).