Human Resources Offers Retirewise Series on the Minneapolis Campus

This spring, the University of St. Thomas will once again offer employees the opportunity to participate in the Retirewise program.

Retirewise is a free four-part series of retirement-planning and education workshops. The workshops are designed to help employees of all ages clarify their retirement goals and identify the steps needed to achieve them.

To participate in the series, employees must register by Friday, April 5, and commit to attend all four workshops. Registration details are listed below. The workshops will not be held if fewer than 15 people register.

The workshops will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the following Wednesdays:

  • Module 1 – “Building the Foundation” – April 10: In this workshop employees will envision their retirement goals and how to finance them based on current and future retirement trends. This workshop covers financial basics and tax diversification.
  • Module 2 – “Creating and Protecting Wealth” – April 17: This module examines wealth accumulation during the working years. It also will cover investment strategies, including asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing.
  • Module 3 – “Establishing a Retirement Income Stream” – April 24: Building on what was learned in the first two modules, this workshop will discuss preretirement strategies intended to help generate income during retirement and how to structure that income stream.
  • Module 4 – “Making the Most of What You Have” – May 1: This workshop will review the university’s benefit offerings for a clear understanding of how they fit into a retirement plan. The basics of estate planning also will be discussed.

All of the workshops will be held in Room 301, Terrence Murphy Hall, Minneapolis campus. Learn more about the workshops here.

Register online (just enter “UST”), or call MetLife, (866) 801-3547.

For more information or to receive a brochure or a registration form to complete and fax to MetLife, contact the HR Benefits Team, (651) 962-6497.