Human Resources to host estate-planning seminar Oct. 16

Human Resources to host estate-planning seminar Oct. 16

Human Resources will host a seminar on long-term care sponsored by Principal Financial Group. The session will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 16, in Room 289, Terrence Murphy Hall.

To reserve a seat and a full-color workbook, e-mail Pete Ronza.

Today, the nationwide average annual cost of nursing-home care is $74,800. By 2030, the cost is expected to exceed $200,000. For the majority of Americans, out-of-pocket payment for long-term care is not an option. Those who reach retirement without considering these potential costs may lose not only their financial assets, but also their independence and their choice of settings in which to receive care.

This educational workshop will highlight:

  • Four common misconceptions about long-term care
  • Why people fail to prepare financially
  • Your options for funding long-term care
  • Types and levels of care available
  • What Medicare will and will not pay
  • Why Medicaid is an unrealistic alternative
  • Attributes of a good long-term-care insurance policy

Workshop participants will receive a full-color, 20-page workbook that contains essential information, exercises and questions that will help them evaluate their own individual needs for long-term-care insurance. Participants also will be eligible for a complimentary consultation.