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In the News: Chad Brinsfield on the Importance of Caring for Others in the Workplace

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Associate Professor and Chair of the Management Department at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business, Chad Brinsfield, wrote a column for the Star Tribune explaining the importance of caring for others in the workplace.

From the column:

Emotional intelligence and emotional agility, which have been talked about a lot, are critically important. The human side of the equation is vital. Stress and anxiety are shape-shifters — they often disguise themselves in bad habits we develop in an attempt to escape negative emotions.

We had a pandemic and George Floyd was murdered by police. Just when we are starting to come out of that, war breaks out in Europe. All of these factors, plus the economic difficulty that many people are facing, reinforce the need to put the well-being of employees as the priority. Caring for others and employee wellness are needed for our long-term success. How can you have a healthy society if you don't have healthy work?