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In the News: Future of St. Thomas real estate program ‘bright’

Finance professor Andrew Babula was interviewed by Finance & Commerce on the future of the real estate program at St. Thomas.

From the article: We try to position our students so that they can first be aware of all the different opportunities that are out there, and help them navigate to understand where they fit in, because there is a place for everybody in real estate, just depending on what your skill set is, what your interest is. And then provide them with that academic foundation, but also to the extent we can that practical foundation that will help them succeed in that chosen career.

The University of St. Thomas offers a Bachelor of Science in real estate studies. It’s a four-year undergraduate program. It’s integrated into the Department of Finance, which is within the Opus College of Business.

Students will take real estate law, they’ll take some real estate fundamentals, they’ll learn about property management, they learn about appraisal and market research, obviously, investments and finance, and then the Capstone course, which is a development course, which is not only an exciting course, but it often will tap into all of those areas and bring them all together. So it’s a really great program.