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In the News: John Wentz on 3D Modeling and CNC Machining Training Courses

John Wentz, mechanical engineering professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering, recently spoke with the Pioneer Press about St. Thomas being selected for the America’s Cutting Edge (ACE) manufacturing program, backed by the Department of Defense.

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From the story:

The University of St. Thomas will be partnering with a U.S. Department of Defense initiative to offer introductory courses in machinery.

The courses specifically focus on computer numerical control machining and 3D modeling, two skills that are in high demand, said John Wentz, associate professor and director of Advanced Manufacturing in the university’s Mechanical Engineering Department.

Wentz said the program offers St. Thomas students hands-on experience with machines.

“It’s the difference between reading a manual on how to fix your brakes and fixing your brakes yourself,” Wentz said.

Wentz said that jobs requiring computer numerical control skills can start at $30 per hour, and are needed in “medical device industries as well as broadly across Twin Cities industry.”

Wentz also said summer “boot camps” would be offered to high school students as well as weeklong courses aimed at older people, specifically military veterans and anyone else looking to “reskill.”