In the News – Legal experts share predictions for Chauvin sentencing

As a judge sentenced former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd in Hennepin County court, news outlets turned to law professors Rachel Moran, Rachel Paulose and Mark Osler. This week, the trio, whom news outlets around the world have relied on throughout the trial, shared their legal expertise and insights.

Ahead of the trial, Moran told Canada's Global News she believed Judge Peter Cahill would lean toward a stiffer sentence due to aggravating factors adding, "The defense knows very well that Mr. Chauvin is not going to get probation." Moran also commented for Fox 9.

Paulose told WCCO radio that, while 22.5 years is the most any Minnesota police officer has been sentenced to, "Gianna Floyd has been sentenced to a lifetime without her father, and the failure to acknowledge [by the defense], that could be perceived as very insensitive. Often defense lawyers ask their clients to acknowledge pain and I think there was a real miss."

Chauvin still faces federal charges in the killing of Floyd. In a nationally distributed story for the Associated Press, Osler said “there’s a clear possibility [Chauvin] could get a life sentence in the federal system” but he also said he could get less than the 22 ½ years he received in the state system. Osler also commented on the prosecution for WTRF-TV and about sentencing for the Pioneer Press and Minnesota Lawyer.