In the News: Lizzy Narigon on the New Fuel Station for Tommie Athletes

Lizzy Narigon, team sports dietitian at the University of St. Thomas, recently spoke with WCCO-TV about the new fuel station for Tommie athletes, which was created with the help of St. Thomas alumni, Alice and Nick Halvorson.

From the story:

The University of St. Thomas is taking steps to ensure that their student athletes are ready to compete at the highest level...

The station's high-protein and high-carb snacks are critical to that recovery. Lizzy Narigon is one of two sports dieticians who runs the Fuel Station and educates athletes.

"Food can make a great athlete average or make an average athlete great," Narigon said. "Over time, they perfect that fueling for themselves, because everyone is different, they will see those differences on game day, on the field, on competition day. So it's incredibly important."