Monica Liu headshot.

In the News: Monica Liu on Why Some Chinese Women Look to the West for Love

Monica Liu, sociology professor at the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences, recently published a story in The Conversation about China’s staggering male-female gender imbalance and other factors leading many Chinese women to seek relationships with Western men.

From the story:

I wanted to know why, despite China’s meteoric economic and cultural rise, so many women – especially those who were financially well-off – were still looking to the West for love and companionship.

Despite China’s staggering male-female gender imbalance – where single men outnumber women by more than 30 million – middle-aged divorced women still face significant struggles.

There’s the stereotypical Western media representation of “mail-order brides” – young women who marry older Western men to escape poverty. This dynamic persists. But contrary to this stereotype, the majority of women enrolled at the dating agencies where I conducted research were middle-aged and divorced.

None of them felt coerced, and they cited age discrimination in China as their No. 1 reason for seeking Western men.