In the News: Paul Gavrilyuk Works to Aid Ukraine

Theology professor and Ukraine native Paul Gavrilyuk is featured in an article by The Catholic Spirit for the work that he has done to raise money and collect supplies for people in Ukraine.

From the article: As soon as the Russians invaded Ukraine in February, Gavrilyuk’s organization ramped up to raise money and deliver tourniquets and other supplies in anticipation of the heavy military conflict that ensued. So far, Rebuild Ukraine has brought 2,500 tourniquets into the country, and Gavrilyuk hopes the efforts will not only continue, but increase.

“The hope is to send 10,000 more in the next month,” he said. “We’re really talking about easily 1,000 wounded (Ukrainians) a day. So, that means if I had 7,000 tourniquets to pump into the country every week, I’d be a very happy man.”