Mark Osler

In the News: Police, Mpls. residents caught in mutual contempt

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Law professor Mark Osler wrote a piece for the Star Tribune on the relationship between the citizens of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis police force.

From the article: "Can this relationship be saved? As always, only if both sides approach the project with humility, openness and a true desire to change. It is hard to see that in a police department that has offered little measurable evidence that its culture has genuinely changed. In that absence, the feelings of many in the community remain unchanged, as well.

I don't urge voters one way or the other on the referendum regarding police in Minneapolis. I am not a resident of the city; I don't pretend to have that authority. As a person who has spent his career as a prosecutor, a teacher and a student of criminal law, though, I will advise this: Unless the hard work of prying out this toxic contempt is done, little will get better."