Members of the St. Thomas School of Law’s Criminal Defense Clinic discuss cases during a class session at the Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services in Opus Hall in Minneapolis on February 26, 2020.
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In the News: Rachel Moran to Advise Minneapolis City Council Oversight Committee


Law professor Rachel Moran was asked to advise the Minneapolis City Council's Oversight Committee on no-knock warrants following the death of Amir Locke. Moran is a policing scholar, and she will educate the committee on the history of no-knock warrants in Minneapolis.

From the Article: “Part of the goal is to make sure all of the council member, who will probably have some difficult decisions ahead of them, understand what no-knock search warrants are and what Minneapolis has experimented with policy-wise,” Moran said. “It’s tragic that someone would lose their life for the city to pay attention to this issue. The reality is though a lot of times attention happens after a tragedy. That’s not how it should work. It’s past time for both Minneapolis and Minnesota broadly to be proactive about thinking about policing instead of reactive