In the News: Shanan Custer on Performing at The Mystery Cafe

Shanan Custer, English professor at The University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences, recently joined Brian Kelly, owner of The Mystery Cafe, to talk about her experience performing at the cafe in its 35th season.

From the story:

“Every night is different, I mean that’s true in theater anyway, but in this case, you really get to have conversations with people and running bits and by the end of the night people are like, can I have a hug. You know, it’s pretty great.”

“I cut my teeth on improv comedy so I’m just used to being in that kind of scenario but I just really enjoy the idea that you get to sit down with someone and you find out what they do for a living or you know all kinds of stuff and then they so involved like we’re going to solve this and it’s really fun.”