Rachel Moran speaks with KARE 11's Gordon Severson

In the News: Rachel Moran on Tension Surrounding State Trooper Ryan Londregan Court Case

Rachel Moran, professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, recently spoke with KARE 11 about emotions and attention surrounding the pending trial of state trooper Ryan Londregan following the killing of Ricky Cobb II.

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From the story:

Voices filled with emotion echoed across the Hennepin County Government Center Monday morning as family members and supporters of Ricky Cobb II encountered a group supporting state trooper Ryan Londregan, who shot and killed Cobb on the shoulder of a metro interstate. 

Londregan, charged with second-degree murder in Cobb’s death on July 31, 2023, appeared in court for a probable cause hearing, where his defense team asked to have charges in the case dropped. ...

“What is unique about this case?”

Moran: “What we’re seeing here is a lot of division. You have a lot of interest but also outrage and passion ... I can see both sides. It’s a less obvious case. ...”