In the News: Todd Lawrence on Black Lives Matter Murals and Public Expression

Professor of American Culture and Difference Todd Lawrence commented for The Art Newspaper on the California lawsuit filed by police officers in Palo Alto against a Black Lives Matter mural in the city.

From the article: Legal representatives from all parties were contacted but did not respond to our request for comment. It is unclear whether any further legal steps are being considered.

“Street art is expression in public space, and when it comes to BLM murals, of which there were dozens created across the US (and worldwide actually), the impression that the morals are sanctioned by the local government can lead to debates and conflicts over mural content,” says University of St. Thomas professor Todd Lawrence, who co-runs a project to catalogue and map anti-racist street art. “We should remember, however, that these murals are a kind of important expression from community members whose voices are often marginalised.”