Tommie the mascot gives high fives to seniors during the 2018 March Through the Arches ceremony for graduating seniors on May 18, 2018 in St. Paul.

In the News: Tonia Jones Peterson on the Tommie High 5

Tonia Jones Peterson, director of retention and student success at the University of St. Thomas, recently spoke with WCCO Radio about feedback from students and staff regarding the Tommie High 5 recognition program.

From the interview:

Host: So how does this work?

Peterson: This provides faculty an opportunity to click on a button. When students are doing great work in the classroom, when they’ve made an improvement where they’ve kind of struggled earlier on but now showing some great improvement, faculty can write a little message, and that sends a message out to the students and to their faculty advisor so that also their faculty advisor can see when they’re getting some positive feedback in the classroom.

Host: How are the college students receiving this? Because this is something you might think more along elementary school, middle school, maybe even high school. But college students, what kind of reaction have you been getting?

Peterson: I really didn’t know what we’d see. But, earlier on, we implemented this in the fall, and the responses of the students to the Tommie High 5 have been nothing but gratitude.