Martha Scheckel

In the News: University of St. Thomas to launch nursing school focused on health equity

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Dean of the Morrison Family College of Health Dr. MayKao Hang and Dr. Martha Scheckel, the founding director of the nursing school, commented for the Star Tribune on the new nursing school at St. Thomas that will open next fall.

From the article: "We are designing a clinical education that is really different," said MayKao Hang, dean of St. Thomas' Morrison Family College of Health, which will include the nursing school. "The road to disparities was built by very well-intended people. And it's because they always thought that the people they were serving were exactly like them. That turns out to not be true."

The launch of the St. Thomas school comes as the U.S. is projected to face a shortage of nurses in the coming years. Two other Minnesota colleges, St. Cloud State University and the College of St. Benedict, recently launched doctoral nursing programs to help meet growing demand.