IRT to reboot computers this weekend to counter 'black-hat attackers'

In response to another critical patch for Internet Explorer, Information Resources & Technologies' Client Services staff will push Internet Explorer 8 updates across campus after 6 p.m. Friday, March 11. This update will require IRT computers be rebooted twice during the process. Be sure to save all documents and close all programs before leaving on Friday to ensure that your work is not lost or corrupted. Log off but leave your computer on. 

In recent months, UST, like many organizations, companies and the government, has been hit with malware on a number of our computers. A January article in the New York Times discusses the various ways that the “black-hat attackers” are introducing malware into computer networks and the struggles all companies face to stop the attacks. 

One way malware is introduced is through flaws in Internet browsers and other applications, such as Adobe Reader and Flash. We have been receiving notification of critical patches at a much higher rate than in years past. This means we must push the patches out to our campus computers to close the gaps, which the black-hat attackers use to access our network.

Because of this, IRT needs to be able to push updates more often, and these may require a reboot of the machine for the update to take effect; therefore, we ask that anyone using a UST-owned asset use the best practice of saving and closing all open items on the computer when you finish your work for the night. This way we can be more aggressive about patching our machines, without fear of losing your hard work.