J-Term Courses Announced at the Study Abroad Fair

The Study Abroad Fair takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 14, in Campus Way on the second floor of the Anderson Student Center.

The Study Abroad Fair showcases the variety of programs that are available to students to study abroad. Students are able to travel to and explore over 100 countries through more than 40 programs. The fair allows students to talk one-on-one with  program representatives and learn more about the opportunities awaiting them.

The Study Abroad Fair is where junior Evan Babekuhl became intrigued with study abroad.

“I was always interested in traveling abroad, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to go for that long period of time, but then when I went to the fair, I saw all the opportunities and all the places I could go. It made me so interested that I decided to pursue it and went to the Study Abroad Office and my adviser told me about Arcadia in Dublin, Ireland. Studying abroad in Ireland was the best experience of my life and it showed me how important it is to have a global perspective not only as a business major but also as a person. I would have never gone abroad if I hadn’t gone to the fair.”

Not only are students able to learn more about semester and year-long study abroad options, but the fair is also the time when the Study Abroad Office releases the J- Term courses for 2014. Come check out what courses are going to be offered and where the courses will be held.

Sophomore Angela Koch was dragged by her friends to the fair last year and found herself in Greece this past January. “If I hadn’t been to the Study Abroad Fair, I wouldn’t have gone to Greece and have it open my eyes to a new culture since this was my first time outside of the U.S.”