Lessons From the Royal Wedding

I can admit it. I got up early and watched the Royal Wedding. I am not sure what I enjoyed more: the peace and quiet that is so rare in my house or being part of a global experience.

It sure lived up to the hype. The music, Prince William’s uniform, a million people lining the streets of London, The Dress, hats galore, the Aston Martin, Prince Harry, Camilla, David Beckham, the kiss, and then the second kiss – it all added to the pomp and circumstance that surrounded this wedding. But the thing that stayed with me was the bishop of London’s first line of the homily, "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

That was the most memorable line (and if you Google it, it is all over the internet) in the whole homily. The bishop proceeded to connect St. Catherine of Siena’s famous quote to the marriage of William and Kate. It is not a new concept – God created us for a purpose – but on that day, at that moment, I thought it was so hopeful.

How hopeful to know that God wants us to be our truest selves and that He will help us along the way. I thought of my own kids and how they have their whole lives to be who God wants them to be (and my role as a parent, too!). I thought of those among us who are facing hardships, uncertainties and the day-to-day realities of life. I thought of our 2011 St. Thomas graduates who are ready to face the world.

So while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ride off into the sunset (or at least all the way to Wales), let’s think of who we are meant to be. And then let’s set the world on fire!