Lost Camera Finds 'Good Karma' and its Home

Picture this: A camera left behind on an airplane and discovered in November 2010 will soon be winging its way back to its owners in Minnesota.

Tami Thye-Harold

Tami Thye-Harold

A story about the lost camera appeared in the Thursday, May 19, Bulletin Today, and featured pictures of the presumed owners, a couple who appeared in several pictures in the camera.

The couple is Danny and Tara of suburban Minneapolis. Danny’s mother receives the Bulletin. She notified her son that “Good Karma,” of Grand Junction, Colo., had the camera. “Good Karma” was the name of a Facebook site that Tami Thye-Harold used to post the camera’s pictures during her five-month search for the owners.

The Bulletin Today story generated a KSTP TV news report and an online story. The Minneapolis StarTribune’s Campus Connected blog also picked up the story.

The couple contacted Thye-Harold via "Good Karma." “They were just very happy to know the camera was found,” Thye-Harold wrote in an email to Bulletin Today. “Now they have a great story to tell with the photos.”

“I'm glad that we got a chance to teach our kids a life lesson. You always have the chance to do the right thing,” she noted.

“I want to thank everyone who helped me through Facebook,” she added. "Thank you to my husband, Brian, and my wonderful kids, Robert and Aubrey, and thank you to Jon G. for all of his detective work and for contacting Bulletin Today, and to Bulletin Today.”