Macalester College Security Office updates the community about Larry Pinkney

Larry Pinkney

Macalester College Security Office updates community about Larry Pinkney

The University of St. Thomas Public Safety and Parking Services received the following information from the Macalester College Security Office. It is updated information about Larry Pinkney, who was mentioned in a Public Safety Bulletin Update sent to the UST community Sept. 29 (reprinted at the bottom of this message).

"Pinkney has had a probation hearing and the judge added an additional order, that Pinkney not be closer than 1,500 feet to any college in the state. If he violates this or any other conditions of his probation, he may be sent back to jail."

If you see Pinkney on or near campus, contact UST's Public Safety at Ext. 5555 (on campus) or (651) 962-5555 (off campus), or the St. Paul Police Department at 911.

Below is a reprint of the Bulletin Update originally sent Sept. 29. It includes a physical description of Pinkney:

Public Safety Bulletin (Sept. 29): Notice from Macalester College

Public Safety would like to inform the University of St. Thomas community of the following information received from the Macalester College Security Office: Person prohibited from campus

On several occasions beginning Thursday, Sept. 8, we have received reports of women feeling harassed by an off-campus visitor. The individual begins with polite and engaging conversation, but on some occasions the conversation turned more alarming and sexually explicit. A description of the person (identified as Larry Pinkney) is as follows:

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 40-50
  • Race: African American
  • Height: 5 foot, 11 inches
  • Weight: 180 pounds
  • Build: Medium
  • Clothing: Nicely dressed, leather jacket
  • Other: Animated hand gestures while talking 

Please be cautioned to stay attuned to your personal safety. Students are advised to be cautious when talking with unknown visitors to campus. Campus escorts are available through the Safe Walk Program in the Macalester Campus Center (Ext. 6699). (Please note: St. Thomas students may use the St. Thomas escort service. 

The St. Paul Police have been notified. If you have any information about this person or other such incidents, please call Macalester Security. Do not admit strangers or other unknown people into your residence hall. If you witness suspicious behavior, immediately call Security or the St. Paul Police. Try to get an accurate description of the person.