Make university travel plans through Vanguard Travel

Make university travel plans through Vanguard Travel

From UST Purchasing Services Department

The University of St. Thomas and the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities have teamed up to offer faculty and staff a new way to make arrangements for university-related and even personal travel.

Vanguard Travel offers travel agent services by phone and a Web site, Cliqbook, for making your own arrangements. UST's Academic and Administrative Leadership team recommends use of Vanguard, which may become the university's required travel contractor in the coming months.  

Among the benefits for travelers:

  • Unused nonrefundable tickets are tracked automatically and Vanguard will assist you in using them for future purchases.
  • Vanguard checks fares daily and can reissue the ticket if the savings is adequate.
  • Vanguard allows you to void an airline ticket within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Cliqbook is similar to and other sites you may use for booking travel.  This site searches the same fares as other travel Web sites and the usage charges are comparable.
  • The Vanguard Travel Cliqbook profile allows you to save and manage your travel preferences and program information such as frequent flier numbers.
  • Travelers have the ability to assign an assistant to make travel arrangements on their behalf.

Complete UST’s Traveler Information Form to establish a user ID for Cliqbook. You will be notified when the ID has been created and sent the information for developing your travel profile. All UST employees arranging travel are strongly urged to get a user ID.  

Once you receive your ID, begin using this site for your travel arrangements. Effective immediately, please direct all travel purchases through Vanguard Travel, (952) 392-3100.