St. Thomas becomes more ‘social'

Is there an “official” St. Thomas Facebook page? Is St. Thomas on Twitter? Who else at St. Thomas is using social media? And how can I get my office started?

Many departments are increasingly using these social media sites to communicate with students, alumni and supporters. To help keep the university's online brand consistent, increase its visibility on social media sites, and provide some guidance in this new reality, the New Media Information Group has built a website to answer some of those questions.

On the site is a list and introduction to some of the most popular social media tools. The NMIG also is working to create a registry of official, university-affiliated listings as a reference tool.

Offices, departments or clubs that are  interested in launching a social media site can visit that tool's site from the social media home page, read the best practices and complete a short questionnaire.

The NMIG includes representation from Alumni and Constituent Relations, Development, Enrollment Services, University Relations, and Web and Media Services. It was convened to increase St. Thomas' collective knowledge of how to effectively blend new media tools into existing marketing and communication efforts.