Minneapolis Campus Full-time Day Students: Terminate Parking Contracts by May 31

Beginning Monday, April 15, all full-time Minneapolis campus students who purchased parking for the Minneapolis campus for 2012-13 must terminate that contract on or before Friday, May 31, including the return of their Green Cards if they park in the ramp. Students who park in the UST surface parking lot will have the access on their ID cards removed effective May 31.

At the time of termination, students who park in the ramp must bring their Green Cards for the ramp to Parking Services, located in Room 252 of the School of Law. Students who choose to park in the ramp at the time of termination must pull a ticket, and bring that ticket to Parking Services on that date to be validated.

Failure to return the Green Card will result in the loss of the $30 deposit paid by the student on the card at the time of purchase. Returning students who do not return their cards will lose both the deposit paid on the card and the opportunity for first priority parking in the ramp for the 2013-14 school year. Graduating students will lose the deposits paid on the cards, and may see a delay in receipt of their official transcripts from the university.

Students who terminate their current contract during this time also will have the opportunity to preregister for their 2013-14 parking contracts. Students who wish to park in the ramp for the 2013-14 school year but do not preregister may not receive first priority parking. To be eligible for a 2013-14 parking contract, students must bring their UST student IDs to the Parking Services office.

For more information regarding parking contracts or parking and transportation options, visit the Parking Services office, Room 252, School of Law, Minneapolis campus, or call (651) 962-4100.