National leader Mark Hanis recognizes UST students for dedication to stopping genocide in Darfur

Members of UST's Genocide Intervention Network speak with theater patrons about Darfur.

National leader Mark Hanis recognizes UST students for dedication to stopping genocide in Darfur

St. Thomas students were recognized last week for their dedication toward stopping the genocide in Darfur, Sudan, by Mark Hanis, founder of the national Genocide Intervention Network.

Hanis said, "These students donate their free time and their weekends to educate, advocate, and raise donations to help the situation in Darfur even with a full academic schedule. Last Christmas, they launched a "10 for 10" campaign in which, instead of asking for presents, they asked 10 of their friends and family to donate $10 toward Darfur."

Hanis said he was "beaming with pride for the work that the students of St. Thomas have put forth." He noted that the St. Thomas chapter has been the most active and productive of all the chapters at colleges and universities across the nation.

The St. Thomas chapter has raised more than $30,000 to go toward peace-keeping efforts in Darfur and to help stop the genocide.

Hanis recognized the students at the Guthrie Theater following a reading of "In Darfur," a play written by Winter Miller. Members of the St. Thomas Genocide Intervention Network discussed the happenings in Darfur with theater goers before and after the reading. They also attended each show, Jan. 26-28, advocating, educating and collecting donations to help Darfur.

Student board member Heather Schommer coordinated the effort at the Guthrie, and Dr. Ellen Kennedy, adviser, led two of the post-play panel discussions.

The Genocide Intervention Network is a national organization that envisions a world in which the international community is willing and able to protect civilians from genocide and atrocities. The national organization has more than 700 chapters around the world. Members educate their communities, advocate for action by their elected officials and raise funds for civilian protection and human security.

Check online for information about the St. Thomas chapter and Darfur-related events occurring throughout Minnesota.

For more information, e-mail Jenny Le, student president, or Kennedy, adviser.