'Nemo' found! STAR's homecoming week treasure hunt ends

'Nemo' found! STAR's homecoming week treasure hunt ends

Just one clue is all seniors Peter Rode and Tony Nagorski needed to find "Nemo," a two-inch plastic fish worth $100 in gift cards.

Nemo was hidden beneath a pile of leaves in the McNeely Hall fountain on Summit Avenue. There was no water in the fountain.

Listed below is the Tuesday clue that found "Nemo," and the remaining clues that would have been offered this week.

Tuesday’s clue:

Nemo, you know is a clown fish
Water is a necessity, in an aquarium or a dish
So by water is where you will find him
But not the same type of water where trout swim

Wednesday’s clue:

Taking care of a fish is hard work to do
Especially when the water and tank gets filled with mildew
Just like the aquarium water is changed
Nemo is hidden where it is man-made

Thursday’s clue:

Nemo and Crush and Marlin and Dory
Do you know the whole Finding Nemo story?
Dory’s character is quite the joker in scales of teal
Search high and low by this one made of steel

Friday's clue:

By the road you will hear the sound of cars rush
But Nemo is not on the back of his turtle friend Crush
Neither North nor South this little fish lies
Hurry and find him before he dies!