Number of campus flu cases continues upward trend

Madonna McDermott, director of the University of St. Thomas Student Health Service and Wellness Center, reports that the university has seen 62 new cases of H1N1 illness this past week, up from the 49 new cases that were reported here during the previous week and 28 cases the week before that.

 That brings the total number of cases for the fall semester to 199. Most of the cases continue to be relatively mild, McDermott reports. The majority of students with the flu are recovering within several days and returning to classes.

McDermott's weekly update is now posted on university's Pandemic Web site, which also includes a link to what is called the "University of St. Thomas H1N1 Student Triage Protocol."  It is a step-by-step chart that shows what steps you should take if you are not feeling well.

McDermott's update includes Minnesota Department of Health distribution criteria for the first wave of the vaccine.

The university is expecting a shipment of H1N1 vaccine, but the exact date of arrival is not yet known. As soon as it arrives, she says, dates will be announced for on-campus H1N1 clinics.

The Pandemic Web site is St. Thomas' designated site for sharing flu-related announcements to students, staff and faculty.  If information needs to be shared sooner than on a weekly basis, announcements will be made in Bulletin Today or sent via a Bulletin Update e-mail.