Quarterback Cade Sexauer (Dan Borgeson)

Offense Shines Early in Football’s Spring Game, Defense Finishes Strong

The St. Thomas football team capped off its spring practice schedule with an inter-team scrimmage on May 7, offense versus defense.

"I'm so tremendously excited about the environment that we had," said head coach Glenn Caruso. "It's just an unbelievable reminder of the enormity of the journey we're on when you get a chance to see not only the recruits who are coming in next year joining from all over, then you look up at the veranda and you see 100 alumni from the past 30 years that put us in the situation, in addition to the work done of the field.

"Offense got out to a quick start, didn't finish all of the time with the 2s, but the 1s were nearly flawless. The defense didn't have our best start, but we were able to put ourselves in position to make plays and bail ourselves out with interceptions late, which was fantastic," added Caruso.