Apply to Become a Peer Consultant in the Center for Writing

Applications are available for undergraduate students to become peer consultants in the Center for Writing starting fall semester of 2012-13.

If you enjoy writing and helping others with their compositions, and if you would like to become a better writer in your own discipline, or if you are interested in a future having to do with writing or working with others (publishing, teaching, law, business, social work), consider becoming a consultant in the Center for Writing.

Peer consultants work one-on-one with peers at any stage of the writing process for any course, gain strong interpersonal skills and cultural awareness through community-based consulting, and improve their own writing and reading abilities in a challenging intellectual environment, and they can consult until they graduate.

After a peer consultant is hired, a required course with a service-learning component will need to be completed in the fall semester.

Applications are available under Employment Opportunities on the Center for Writing website. Completed applications, including a writing sample, are due by noon Friday, March 9, in the center, Room 361, John R. Roach Center for the Liberal Arts.

For more information contact Dr. Susan Callaway, associate professor of English and director of the Center for Writing, (651) 962-5602.