Please Remember Gonzalo Conde Abello in Your Prayers

Please remember in your prayers Gonzalo Conde Abello, 78, who died Thursday, Oct. 8, in Colombia. He was the father of Patricia Conde-Brooks, associate dean of students, Student Diversity and Inclusion Services.

His obituary, which is available online in Spanish, is translated below.

Liberal leader died, Gonzalo Conde Abello

He was 78 and was admitted to the clinic Bonadonna due to serious health issues.

He was a "liberal 1,000 percent," Ana Lina Conde said of her father, the renowned lawyer and Liberal leader, Xaverian graduate Gonzalo Conde Abello, who died yesterday at 5:30 a.m. after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Conde Abello, 78, was secretary of the Treasury of the Atlantic, councilman of Barranquilla, House Representatives and Senator of the Republic. Furthermore, he managed the former Liquor Factory of the Atlantic. He served many other positions. He was active in the Popular Action Movement, where he led in this city Lebolo’s liberal political campaign for Emilio de la Espriella. Conde Abello managed to cultivate good friends in the atlanticense province.

His death, which has caused consternation in political and social circles, occurred in the clinic Bonadonna Prevention, where he had been hospitalized for a week due to ill health.

His friends remember him as a brilliant man, very cultured and educated, irreverent and scathing as well, who knew how to perform his service to public office with exemplary detail, also as a lawyer. Journalism was another of his passions. In fact, he published “The Selele” for many years, his column about current issues. For several years he remained best friends with Antonio Abello Roca. They jointly hosted a Saturday show on Radio Liberty named "Pulling Line," which offered a forum for history, literature and politics.

Conde Abello is survived by his sisters Vilma and Rosario Conde Abello, and his children Claudia Crow, Patricia Conde-Brooks and Gonzalo Ricardo, Ana Lina and Fernando Gonzalo Conde. His funeral was held Friday, Oct. 9 at 2 p.m., at Funeraria Los Olivos, on the road to Puerto Colombia.