Manjeet Rege and Dan Yarmoluk Podcast

Podcast: All Things Data with Guest Angela Zutavern

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, data analytics and data strategy continue to play a larger role in economics and business models. Director of the Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence at the University of St. Thomas, Dr. Manjeet Rege, co-hosts the "All Things Data" podcast with adjunct professor and Innovation Fellow Dan Yarmoluk. The podcast provides insight into the significance of data science as it relates to business models, business economics and delivery systems. Through informative conversation with leading data scientists, business model experts, technologists and futurists, Rege and Yarmoluk discuss how to utilize, harness, and deploy data science, data-driven strategies, and enable digital transformations.

Rege and Yarmoluk spoke with Angela Zutavern on the significance of mathematical corporations. Zutavern is the author of The Mathematical Corporation and is the current Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton. She is a pioneer of machine intelligence and she created machine intelligence and data science strategies that are helping businesses and governments to make better decisions today.

Here are some highlights from their conversation.

Q. What is a mathematical corporation?

A. A mathematical corporation is really a new business or operating model. We looked at a number of organizations across government, the commerical world, the nonprofit world and what we found was that while people are getting pretty used to machine intelligence and AI in their personal lives, they are really just scratchign the surface in terms of what can be done in their work lives. And so the mathematical corporation is a vision for the future business operating model that will not only take advantage of machine intelligence but will also collaborate with machine intelligence in a new way.

Q. How does a mathematical corporation differ from how machine intelligence and AI has been used in the past?

A. I think a lot of people still view data science or machine intelligence as a kind of a technological specialty area. the mathematical corporation is really about spreading that throughout the entire fabric of the organization . And it is not just about the technology or the algorithm, its really about incorporating machine intelligence into the overall strategy for the organization as well as the leadership style.

Q. What are the most important steps leaders can take now in order to transform their organizations into mathematical corporations?

A. It really starts first with thinking differently. And we talk a lot about shadowing your own constraints about what is possible. And that’s got to be the first step, not only for the leader but also for the rest of the organization as well. So, we all have our own constraints based on life experiences and different views of what is possible. When we hear stories like the ones in the book or many stories that are out there in the media, it starts inspiring people to think differently and to know that there are new potential possibilities out there.

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