Preliminary voting for 2006 Tommie Award starts today

Preliminary voting for 2006 Tommie Award starts today

Eleven seniors have been nominated for the 2006 Tommie Award. Students, and staff and faculty members may vote online today through Wednesday, Dec. 7, to narrow the field to three candidates for the award.

A profile and photo of each nominee is provided at the voting Web site. To vote, click here or click on the "button" provided through Wednesday on the Bulletin Today home page (see the link under the photo and quote of the day).

When you access the ballot you may be prompted for your UST username and password. If the prompt asks for a domain, enter UST. If the prompt rejects your username, enter (yourusername) in the username field and then your standard password. If you are not sure of your password, visit the password Web site.

At the end of preliminary voting in December, three nominees will be announced for the final voting process in mid-February.

For other information about the award, see the story in the Dec. 2 Bulletin Today.