President Rob Vischer Joins National Panel on the ‘Student-Centered College’

University of St. Thomas President Rob Vischer recently joined the Chronicle of Higher Education alongside two Tommie students (Jordyn Lamker and Jalyn Hall) as well as fellow university presidents and administrators for a panel discussion focused on student-centered colleges and universities. The discussion, hosted by senior editor Alexander Kafka, delved into strategies to overcome enrollment challenges and create an empowering culture for students.

The Chronicle is the nation’s leading source of news and information for higher education faculty members and administrators. The panel participants shared insights and strategies that have proved successful at their institutions, and Vischer highlighted how St. Thomas centers students in all areas of work.

“Everybody is a student-facing position,” he said. “If you work in HR, find the students interested in HR careers and start mentoring them. If you’re feeling stuck and have a slow afternoon on a Thursday, get out of your office and go walk across the quad and find somebody and ask how they’re doing. Everybody can be student-facing.”