Pretty Darn Really Cool, Part II

… and you want to hear about yet another pretty darn really cool, but little-known and underground (quite literally), person at the University of St Thomas?

That would be Jim.

As in Jim Waska.

As in the effervescent, always helpful, goes-the-extra-mile, genuinely wants you to “have a nice day!” guy. You know Jim: he wears his trademark denim shorts year-round, even when the mercury dips way below zero. You know Jim: always-affable, willing to create a box from other odd-sized boxes and clear tape while helping you deal with the realization that you need to send your mother a package or your taxes via same-day, super-fast, ultra express.

Jim is the super nice guy at the “FedEx window” … or at least that’s what I call it. Technically, I think it’s called “Shipping and Receiving.” You know, in the basement (some like to call it “lower level”) of Murray-Herrick Center near the Pepsi machines.

I often ponder: someone who works without natural light is one of the sunniest people on campus. How does that work?

I have no idea.

But I do know this: we can ship with confidence because there are still human beings out there who provide fabulous customer service and St. Thomas gets a really swift deal from FedEx so we can send stuff (Is it Aunt Angie’s birthday already?) without paying the big, not-so-cool bucks that other places charge. Sweet, I say! Or as my tweenager would put it: “that’s sick-nasty” (which means “awesome,” she assures me).

Are there other pretty darn really cool gems at St. Thomas about whom you might not know? Stay tuned. There might just be a Part III … or … even IV.