Professional Notes

Professional notes

Dr. Thomas Hickson, Geology Department, was invited to give a talk, "Miocene Transtensional Tectonics in the Lake Mead Region, Southern Nevada: Can Basis Analysis Unravel the Mess?" to the Minnesota Geological Survey. The talk focused on recent developments in UST geoscience research conducted by geology majors and faculty during their January Term field courses and summer research programs.

Dr. Meg Wilkes Karraker, Sociology and Criminal Justice Department, and Dr. Janet Grochowski, who retired this year from the Health and Human Performance Department, are co-authors of an interdisciplinary textbook, Families With Futures: A Survey of Family Studies for the Twenty-First Century (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005). The book was cited as a "substantial text" in Family Matters (2006, No. 74), the journal of the Australian Institute of Family Studies. The reviewer noted, "The depth and breadth of this text makes it essential reading for anyone interested in family studies."

Dr. Paul Schons, Modern and Classical Languages Department, presented a paper, "Nietzsche/Zarathustra's Drunken Song: the Intoxication With Life," at the fall conference of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association Nov. 11 in Charlotte, N.C. Schons examined Friedrich Nietzsche's quest for an intensified spirituality in his developing concept of "eternal return" in his books, The Gay Science, Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Ecce Homo. The paper was part of a long-term research project on Nietzsche's critique of Christianity.

Dr. Richard Welch, School of Engineering, presented a half-day tutorial, "Continuous, Dynamic and Intermittent thermal Operation on Electric Motors," Nov. 1 in St. Louis. It preceded the fall technical conference of SMMA-The Motor and Motion Association. At the conference on Nov. 2, Welch presented a paper, "How to Increase a Motor's Continuous Torque Output and Power Density by Potting its Stator With Thermally Conductive Epoxy."

Dr. John Wendt, Opus College of Business, and John Miller, of Texas Tech University, co-presented "Premises Liability and Risk Management: Strategies for Sport and Recreation Facilities" at the 2006 Athletic Business Conference and Expo Nov. 15-17 in Las Vegas. The conference is a premier educational event for athletic, fitness and recreation professionals.