Professional Notes

The following UST Libraries staff members gave presentations at the 2010 Library Technology Conference March 17-18 at Macalester College: Carolyn DeLuca and Dani Roach, “E-Book Management: It Sounds Serial!”; Ben Durrant and John Heintz, “Sharepoint in Libraries”; Durrant, “Enhancing the Library Users’ Web Site Experience With Web Analytics”; Eric Kallas, “Extending the Reach of the Library With a Mobile Reference Program.” Andrea Koeppe, Diane Knights, Karen Brunner, Marianne Hageman and Eric Kallas gave a group presentation, “The New Normal – Collaborations Within the Library and Beyond," at the Minnesota Library Association’s 2010 Academic and Research Libraries’ Division Day  April 23 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

Dr. Michael P. Hennessey, School of Engineering, and Dr. Cheri Shakiban, Mathematics Department, College of Arts and Sciences, are the authors of an article, "Brachistochrone on a 1D Curved Surface Using Optimal Control,” published in the May issue of Transactions on Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ research journal. Using concepts from mechanics, variational calculus and singular control theory, the article answers the question:  How does one ski down the mountain in minimum time when there is little or no friction?  The more-complex, 2-D version of this work was presented at a conference last fall.

Dr. John Holst, Leadership, Policy and Administration Department, College of Applied Professional Studies, is the author of an article, "Social Justice and Dispositions for Adult Education," in the Adult Education Quarterly (Vol. 60, No. 3, pages 249-260). 

Dr.  J. Thomas Ippoliti, Chemistry Department, College of Arts and Sciences, and eight chemistry students presented their research at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in March in San Francisco. Ippoliti presented a poster, “Effects of Thiadiazoles on Oxazolidinone Activity,” in the Medicinal Chemistry session.  Student presenters, their projects and their Chemistry Department advisers were:  

  • Daniel Sjolund, “Photo-Induced Electron Transfer and Reduction of Pyrromethene-567 With TMPD in Transient Absorption Spectroscopy” (Dr. Joseph Brom)
  • Andrew Michel, “Synthesis of a Thiadiazole Functionalized Oxazolidinone" (Ippoliti)
  • Nicholas Serratore, “Synthesis of Novel Luminol Derivatives” (Ippoliti)
  • Vladimir Vinnik, “Isolation of a Novel Bis-Sulfide En Route to the Synthesis of 4,4-Bipyrazolyl" (Ippoliti)
  • Sarah Fink, “Solid-State Hydrogen Bonding and Molecular Packing:  Two "Bridge-Flipped" Isomeric Carboxylic Acids” (Dr. William Ojala)
  • William Montes, “G-DNA Mediated Self-Assembly of a Streptavidin-DNA Supramolecular Network,” (Dr. Thomas Marsh)
  • Amanda Stemig, “Antibacterial Activity of Tetracycline Photoproducts Under Varying pH and Water Hardness Conditions" (Dr. Kristine Wammer)
  • Matthew T. Slattery, “Analysis of the Antibacterial Properties of Tetracycline Photoproducts Using Vibrio Fischeri Bioluminescence and Growth Tests” (Wammer).

Ippoliti, with Chemistry Department colleagues Dr. Bartholomew Dahl, Marsh and Ojala, were awarded a $246,000 grant by the National Science Foundation for support of their project,  "MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectrometer."  The funding will be used to replace an instrument that was purchased in 1992 by means of a similar NSF grant.

Dr. Paul Lorah, Dr. Bob Werner and Dr. David Kelley, Geography Department, College of Arts and Sciences, took nine junior and senior geography students to the 2010 Midwest Undergraduate Geography Symposium April 24 at Macalester College. Juniors Renee Huset and Amy Schmelling presented a talk, “Prairie Restoration in Minnesota”; junior Regan Meyer presented a poster, “Identifying Optimal Locations for Siting Solar Power Plants"; senior Hailey Helm presented her poster, “Greenway Crossings.”

Odeh Muhawesh, Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is the author of AlKitab Al-Muqadas Taht Al-Mijhar, a historical, linguistic and theological study of the Bible that was endorsed by Jordan’s Ministry of Education. It was recommended as required reading for college and university students in Jordan as well as throughout the Muslim world; the book also was recommended for translation from Arabic to “all major languages.”

Kelly Ward, an undergraduate student majoring in history, presented "Robert E. Lee: From General to Saint,"  at the Civil War Symposium, "America on the Eve of the Civil War," April 24 at the Fort Snelling History Center auditorium. 

Dr. Meg Wilkes Karraker, Sociology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, and Miriam Wilkes Karraker wrote a review of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn (Alfred A. Knopf, 2009) for the spring issue of Seasons at Sarah’s, the newsletter of Sarah’s … An Oasis for Women, a ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet.