Professional Notes

Dr. Angeline Barretta-Herman, professor emerita, gave the keynote address, “Trends and Challenges: The Social Work Profession in a Time of Change,” at the 22nd annual State Conference for the National Association, held June 7-8 at the University of Minnesota. She also gave the keynote address, “The Future of Social Policy and Social Work in the United States of America,” at the  Transnational Convergence, Diffusion and Transfer in Social Policy and Social Work conference, held Oct. 12-14, at Katholische Universitat, Eichstatt, Germany. The address was published in the European Institute for Research in Social Work’s online journal (Vol. 2, 2011).

Dr. Ronald Bennett, School of Engineering, and Dr. Elaine Millam of WorkWise Coaching and Consulting, are authors of a new text, “Leadership for Engineers: The Magic of Mindset,” published by McGraw-Hill. The book was introduced at the June annual meeting of the American Society for Engineering Education.

Dr. Mike Klein, Justice and Peace Studies program, College of Arts and Sciences, is the author of “Why Do Students Call Me ‘The War Teacher’? Problematizing Militarism in Education as a Freireian Codification,” published in Educating for Peace in a Time of Permanent War: Are Schools Part of the Solution or Problem? Carr & Porfilio (eds.) New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2012.

T. Dean Maines, president of the Veritas Institute of the Opus College of Business, and Dr. Kenneth Goodpaster, Koch Chair of Business Ethics of the Opus College of Business, presented their paper, “The Distinctive Vocation of Business Education in Catholic Universities,” at the eighth annual International Conference on Catholic Social Thought and Management Education: “Renewing Mission and Identity in Catholic Business Education,” held June 18 in Dayton, Ohio.

Mark Sellner, School of Law, was a delegate in the Governor's Trade Mission to China, June 8-17.